Shrinking Future Student Population Puts Colleges At RiskIn the not too distant future, the number of children reaching college age will drop in the traditional population centers in the Northeast. What will the colleges do?
Philly High School Counselors Say Budget Cuts Have Led To Heavy CaseloadsAt Central High School - long regarded as one of the city's top academic magnets - there are two counselors for 2,400 students. There were six counselors last year.
Online Tool Eases Applications To Pa. UniversitiesPennsylvania education officials say it's now easier for students to apply to multiple campuses in the state university system.
Glitches In College Application ProcessThis year, applying to college is tougher than usual because the 'Common App' software used by applicants for most schools has glitches.
Students Uncertain as Glitches Hit College 'Common App' Web Site Common Application officials say they've fixed a couple of issues, including one that led students to submit application payments multiple times.
Extracurriculars That Look Great On Your College ApplicationColleges want passonate, engaged, energetic students with leadership potential. Here's how to show them that you are the student they're looking for.
Can Your Social Media Image Affect Your Chances of Getting Into College?How many admissions officers are using the internet to screen applicants? What kind of online behavior affects a student's admission to the college of their choice?
Penn State Says Number Of Applications For Undergrad Enrollment DownThe admissions office cited demographic trends and economic concerns.
Web Profiles Haunt StudentsAccording to an article in <em>The Wall Street Journal</em>, several college admissions officers have discovered something online that has hurt an applicant - alcohol, drugs, bullying, plagiarism and even sexual assault.
College Waiting ListsAccording to a recent article in the <em>Wall Street Journal</em>, a spot on the waitlist at an elite college doesn’t mean you’re closer to the finish line. The odds aren’t good!
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