Dog Training Sets BoundariesDogs look to us to learn everyday. They are one species that inherently looks to the human for guidance and direction. If you own a dog, set boundaries.
Coprophagia Not Uncommon For DogsAlthough the very notion may seem repulsive, Coprophagia or stool eating can be somewhat common in canines, especially puppies - but it may be a sign of something more serious.
Leash Biting Not All Fun And GamesWhile leash biting may seem playful, It’s extremely important to know that your dog's behavior stems primarily from fear, overexcitement or anxiety.
Just The Touch For 'Handy Shy' DogsIt’s so sad to witness a dog who is considered to be “hand shy” or fearful of the human touch. Fortunately, this is not an irreparable situation.
Dogs Are Not HumanExpecting our dogs to act as humans, is fairly widespread among pet owners and it is truly unfair for our dogs. It’s called Anthropomorphism.
Canine Obedience Training Vs. Canine Behavioral TrainingCanine obedience training and canine behavioral training work in conjunction with one another and have many similarities but there are several differences as well.
Curbing Canine Begging BehaviorIt’s a familiar sight as the family dog goes around the dinner table looking for a quick treat. But do your dog a favor and resist the potentially unhealthy behavior.
Canine HyperactivityVery rarely does it occur that hyperactivity cannot be controlled without the use of medication, which should only be diagnosed by your vet or a qualified behaviorist.
GrowlingAs a canine behaviorist, I’ve seen that the most disconcerting form of communication - for most people and other dogs - is growling.
Why Dogs DigMany dogs tend to dig which may appear as destructive behavior, especially if it occurs on your lawn or in your garden. But remember, your dog is never doing this out of spite or anger.
Excessive Chewing BehaviorDogs love to chew but excessive chewing can be a problem. Here are some solutions. No need to punish, just provide alternatives.