Police: Teen Breaks Into Home, Asks Couple For WiFi PasswordA teenager in California is in serious trouble after going on a crime spree when his phone reportedly ran out of data.
Woman Survives For 7 Days After Plunging Over 250-Foot Cliff In California An Oregon woman survived for seven days after plunging over a cliff in central California. 
Initiative To Split California Into 3 States To Appear On November BallotAn initiative that seeks to split California into three states has qualified to appear on the ballot in November.
Hero Pit Bull Warns Family Of House Fire, Drags Baby To SafetyA heroic pit bull in California is being credited with saving a woman and her baby after a fire broke out at their apartment.
Burger-Flipping Robot Is Back And Now 'Moves Like A Ninja'Flippy, the burger-flipping robot cook, has returned to a California fast food chain.
Fish Market Buys 70-Pound Octopus Just To Set It FreeA massive 70-pound octopus is counting its blessings after a California fish market decided to let the creature return to the ocean.
Police: Rookie K-9 Finds 60 Pounds Of Meth In First Drug BustA rookie K-9 officer in California has already made a big impression on his new department after finding nearly 60 pounds of meth in a suspect's car.
Police: Dad Poses As Teen Daughter, Catches Alleged Child PredatorTodd Thomas discovered that his 14-year-old child was secretly sexting with 42-year-old Hugo Rabson.
California Attorney Survives 5 Days In Desert By Drinking Urine, Eating Cactus"I don't want to say I had given up. But multiple times, I had written myself off as dead, that I was never going to see another human being again."
California Residents Record Mountain Lion EncounterResidents of Boulder Creek, California know that living close to Santa Cruz Mountains means they share the land with wildlife. 
'Butt Lady Of Auburn' Picks Up 1 Million Cigarette ButtsA California woman has reached a major milestone in her effort to clean up her hometown.