'Process Of Fear And Paranoia': Ardmore Native Recounts Fleeing California WildfiresTim Bodell says a restless night last week in his Santa Rosa, California home was the beginning of an agonizing, fear-filled race from the flames for his family.
Woman At Las Vegas Shooting Loses California Home To WildfiresFlores said she still hasn't fully come to terms with what she's faced this month, and knows she'll have to grapple with it eventually.
Woman Dies In California Wildfires Trying To Rescue Her DogThe fires have killed 36 people in Northern California since they began Sunday night.
Video Shows California Deputy Braving Flames Body camera footage shows a sheriff's deputy braving flames to rescue a disabled woman and get people to flee from a lethal wildfire that has already begun devouring a Northern California community.
Charles Schulz, 'Peanuts' Creator's Home Burns Down In California Fires"The things that they lost in there are irreplaceable," said Monte Schulz. "It's not just the memorabilia. It's that life that my stepmother had with him. It's completely gone."
Heartbreaking Photos Show Toll On Firefighters Of California BlazesFirefighters suit up, grab their oxygen tanks, jump on the firetruck without asking questions -- and set off to battle the wildfires burning in Northern California.
‘I Lost Everything’: 9-Year-Old Loses Prosthetic Legs In California WildfiresWildfires raging across Northern California have killed at least 23 people, as hundreds of firefighters battle the flames and keep thousands of people away from the blaze's path.
How To Help Victims Of California WildfiresHere is how you can help those dealing with the fires, and ways you can get help if you're in need.
California Wildfires Near Dick Vermeil's WineryVermeil says the wildfires have not reached his vineyard.
Philly-Area Wine Merchants Keeping Watchful Eye On California WildfiresWine merchants are keeping a close watch on the California wildfires that have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses.
Wildfires Kill Couple Married For 75 Years, Leave Hundreds MissingCharles and Sara Rippey were among the 21 people killed by California's raging wildfires.