Woman Battling Fourth Round Of Cancer Continues To Stay Positive Despite Health PandemicSusan Lax is fighting a fourth round of cancer but staying positive.
Cardiologists, Oncologists Working Together To Reverse Disturbing Trend Among Breast Cancer SurvivorsDoctors say cancer treatments can be tailored to some degree to help reduce the risk of damaging the heart.
Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day, 60-Mile Walk Gets UnderwayFriday marked the first day of the Susan G. Komen Philadelphia 3-Day walk.
'You Never Forget It': Prominent Philadelphia Breast Cancer Survivor Boasts Importance Of MammogramsSurviving breast cancer depends on finding it early, and that’s a message one survivor is embracing wholeheartedly now.
Women Who Eat Low-Fat Diet Have Significantly Lower Risk Of Death From Breast Cancer, Study FindsA new study shows women who follow a balanced, low-fat diet with increased fruits, vegetables and grains have a 21% lower risk of death from breast cancer.
Conflicting Guidelines On When, How Often Women Should Be Screened For Breast CancerAt what age and how often women should get screened for breast cancer has been a topic of debate in recent years.
Kensington Fashion Designer Creates 'Empowering' Bras For Breast Cancer PatientsDonofree designs beautiful bras for breast cancer patients that are lacy and sexy.
New Research Links Post-Menopausal Weight To Breast CancerResearchers have discovered a new link between weight and breast cancer risk.
Processed Meats Linked To Breast Cancer, Says StudyRegularly consuming the foods was linked with a 9% higher risk of breast cancer, according to an analysis of previous studies looking at over 1.2 million women.
First Day Of October Kicks Off Breast Cancer Awareness MonthThe number of women being diagnosed and death rates have been declining and that’s mainly because of early detection, treatment advances and awareness.
At-Home Breast Cancer Testing Kit Approved By FDAThe 23andMe tests have been approved by the FDA.