Arthritis In The Hands And WristsIf you know someone with gnarled and misshapen hands, chances are you know someone suffering from arthritis. Fortunately, not everyone will get arthritis in the hands and wrists. Family history is a factor according to Dr. Eon Shin, an Orthopedic Surgeon at St. Mary Medical Center. Another factor is how you use your hands and wrists on a day-to-day basis. People who regularly perform repetitive strenuous activities such as in construction may be predisposed to the condition.
Managing OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis occurs as the protective cartilage in the joints wears down over time - it's more common in people over 50 and people who are overweight.
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Risk of Alternative Therapies For ArthritisArthritis can be extremely painful and, although there are many prescription treatments available, people with arthritis often turn to other options, which may be risky.
US Paying The Price For ObesityThe estimated annual cost of obesity is $147 billion but the price on our overall health is even greater.
Psychiatric Lyme DiseaseWhen people talk about Lyme disease they talk about issues like arthritis, but Lyme can do far more damage in other areas - including the brain.
Knee Pain May Be OsteoarthritisAlthough it can occur in almost any joint, osteoarthritis is a condition that often occurs most commonly in the knee.
Millions Suffer With GoutScientists believe that increases in obesity and high blood pressure are reasons for the rise in gout - an extremely painful inflammatory arthritis. But there is treatment.
Health: Doctors Seeing Rise Of Gout In Younger PeopleA growing number of younger people are being diagnosed with gout, a painful foot condition that usually strikes older people.
OsteoarthritisOsteoarthritis is a condition that affects many people as they get older, often with their knees.
Ulcerative ColitisUlcerative colitis is a condition that affects as many as half-a-million Americans.