Backhoe In Chester Amtrak Wreck Had Periodic Right To Be On Tracks, Report FindsA backhoe operator had a right to be on the tracks periodically on the weekend an Amtrak train slammed into it, killing the operator and a supervisor, federal crash investigators said Monday.
Chester Residents Shaken By Deadly Amtrak Train CrashThe crash of an Amtrak train Sunday morning occurred within a stone's throw from dozens of homes near 6th and Booth Street in Chester.
Two Dead, Dozens Injured After Train Crashes In ChesterThe accident was reported around 8 a.m. Sunday near Booth Street on the Palmetto train 89.
Hope For Answers As Release Of Amtrak Crash Evidence NearsEight months after a deadly Amtrak derailment, federal investigators are poised to release evidence and reports that could help clear up the mystery of why the train streaked into a sharp curve at double the speed limit.
Philadelphia Hospitals Recognized For Their Coordinated Response To Amtrak DerailmentPennsylvania's Health Secretary, today, gave recognition awards to the Philadelphia hospitals that treated 200 injured passengers on the night the Amtrak derailment last month.
Four Weeks After Deadly Amtrak Crash, Federal Railroad Administration Issues New Train Speed Recommendations For Commuter LinesThe Federal Railroad Administration recommendations include adjustments to Automatic Train a Control systems at curves, more speed warning signs along the rails for operators to see, and the possibility of a second crew member in the cabin.
Amtrak CEO And Federal Safety Officials To Testify At Congressional Hearing On Deadly DerailmentLawmakers are expected to pepper Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman and the Federal Railroad Administration's Acting Administrator Sarah Feinberg with questions this morning.
SEPTA Resumes Service On Trenton Regional RailTrains began rolling Monday with delays because of continued repairs at Frankford Junction.
Amtrak Service Resumes Between Philadelphia And NYC For First Time Since DerailmentAbout three dozen passengers boarded the New York City-bound train in Philadelphia, and Mayor Michael Nutter was on hard to see the passengers and train off.
NTSB Investigator Dispels Bullet Theory In Philadelphia Amtrak DerailmentOne element of the investigation is the belief that the locomotive's windshield was hit by a projectile just before the train went off the rails.
Woman On SEPTA Train Struck By Object Before Amtrak 188 Derailed Speaks OutIt was a scary moment for Monica Williams as she sat a few rows behind the front of the SEPTA train going home.