AAA Reminding Drivers To Take Extra Care Behind The Wheel As Region Gradually ReopensOver the last few months, traffic volume has plunged up to 60% in some regions.
AAA Warning Drivers Of Child, Pet Heat-Related Deaths As Temperatures SoarThere have been 20 vehicular heatstroke-related deaths of children to date this year, according to AAA. 
'100 Deadliest Days Of Summer' Underway As Teen Crashes Continue On Upward Trend, AAA SaysIn Pennsylvania, there have been almost 32,000 crashes involving drivers ages 16-17 over a five-year period.
AAA Says Gas Prices Are At 12 Year Low This July 4thThey say the national average price for a gallon of regular is $2.23, which is four cents cheaper than it was last year. 
AAA: 15 Percent Spike In Deadly Teen Crashes During SummerDoctors say teens are more likely to drive distracted, putting themselves and the drivers around them at risk.
AAA Study Finds Millions Of Drivers Struggle To Budget Vehicle RepairThe sticker shock that often comes with vehicle repair is too much to afford for many Americans. That's the upshot of a new AAA survey.
Organization Calling For Effort To Reduce Accidents Due To Drowsy DrivingOne in five fatal crashes involve drowsy driving, according to AAA. Now, a government organization wants to see changes to help reduce those accidents.
AAA: Vehicle Rust Damage Costs US Drivers $3 Billion A YearA new AAA report estimates U.S. drivers pay about $3 billion a year to repair rust damage from road de-icers.
AAA: Young Millennials Are Worst Behaved Drivers In U.S.A new report out by AAA reveals that young millennials earn the top spot for worst behaved drivers in the country.
AAA Receives Over 1,000 Calls For Dead Car Batteries Due To Cold WeatherAAA says their roadside assistance service saw a massive spike in calls Monday, and almost half of them were from motorists with dead batteries due in part to the cold weather.
AAA: 1 In 5 Fatal Crashes Involve Drowsy DrivingThe experts say missing even a little sleep puts people at risk of nodding off behind the wheel.