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Medical Reports

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Treating Strokes With Virtual Reality

It is a major medical tenet that when a person suffers a stroke there needs to be immediate care.


The Emotional Toll Of Cancer

There is no doubt that the diagnosis of cancer can be one that is emotionally disturbing.


Diagnosing High Blood Pressure In Children

This is a concerning statistic: 85 percent of children who have high blood pressure are not diagnosed.


Have A Happy, Healthy, Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and this is a great opportunity for families to get together throughout the United States.


The Advantages Of Breast Feeding

There are many advantages to breast-feeding and they have been well publicized


Study: Stress Linked To Increased Risk Of Diabetes

According to a new report from Scandinavia, stress not only has short term health issues but long-term health issues as well.



A Veggie A Day Keeps Heart Failure Away

Heart failure is one of the most serious health problems facing Americans in 2017.


The Theories Behind Psoriasis

When it comes to the skin condition psoriasis and its causes, scientists have taken two views on what triggers it.


The Effect Of Weekends And Holidays On Hospitals

This is definitely a study that many hospitals are not real excited about, but it is an important one to share.


Pregnancy, Age, And Heart Disease

There is a new report in the journal of the American Heart Association which takes a very interesting look at the age when a woman gives birth and the relationship to heart disease years later.


What ‘All Natural’ Really Means

When you buy food products, one of the most common phrases that the consumer sees is “all natural.”


Social Media’s Impact On Childhood Vaccination

One of the most important roles for the pediatrician or family physician in the early years of the child’s life is to provide the children with vaccines on a timely basis.


Are We Wasting Livers By Not Splitting Them?

They are called split livers. In the United Kingdom, split livers are used for transplants.


The Dos And Don’ts Of Halloween

One of the highlights of the year for many children is trick or treating and grabbing as much loot as they can.


E-Cigarettes And Cigarettes, How Do They Compare?

There is some concern about electronic cigarettes.


Overeating Vs. Overworking On The Weekends

We talk a great deal about “weekend warriors.”


The Dangers Of Glaucoma

The medical term is glaucoma, but many people think of it as high blood pressure in the eye.


Fatty Liver And How To Avoid It

Fatty Liver is a condition in which a person gets exactly that, they get a buildup of excess fat in the liver.


Dangers Of Underage Drinking

Several years ago, the Surgeon General of United States made a very important statement that is even more important now than it was at the time.


Report: There Is Correlation Between Your Health, Your Marriage

Now a new report in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health suggests that there are pros and cons to being married.


Report Says Your Psoriasis Could Be Raising Your Risk Of A Heart Attack

According to the authors of the study this could have any impact similar to that of smoking cigarettes.


Study: Being Youngest In Your Class Could Raise Mental Risk Factors

According to a report in the journal Lancet Psychiatry, it is a disadvantage to be younger.


Tracking Diabetes Medication? There’s An App For That.

Now there is a new app for physicians that soon might be made available to the public for everyone’s use.


hospital room

Report Looks At Student’s Level Of Empathy Throughout Medical School

Now there is a new report that says that one of the most important measures of empathy is called cognitive empathy.


Understanding Sepsis, What Is Being Done To Find It Sooner

Sepsis can be described as a constellation of symptoms associated with an overwhelming infection in the bloodstream that can lead to damage and vital organs.


doctor treats patient

WHI Examines Use Of Hormone Treatments During Menopause

The WHI has had dramatic effects in the past 20 years with the research focusing on the use of hormones after menopause.


Report: United States Sees Increase In Suicide Attempts Among Adults

Perhaps even more alarming is the fact that it has disproportionately affected younger adults who have less formal education.


From Paper To High-Tech: Remembering Last Ten Years In US Healthcare

Believe it or not it’s been over ten years since the National Academy of Medicine took a serious look at what was mostly a paper based health system.


Palliative Care Growing In Popularity

The specialty of palliative care is growing for a number of reasons.



The Relationship Between Couples And BMI

Many say that as couples grow together, they often become more alike.


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