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Jim Thome

I’m Back, & So Is This Blog

Time to start blogging again! I don’t make excuses, but I would love to tell you what’s been going on with me since the World Series ended.


World Series Culmination

It’s a good thing the rain postponed Game 6 of the World Series. It gave me another day to go through the bad decisions made by managers and league executives.


World Series is Actually Pretty Good

Last week, I told Angelo Cataldi on WIP that I didn’t like the matchup for this 2011 World Series. After 2 games, I was intrigued. As we head into Game 5, I’m hooked. I told Ang that this morning in our weekly segment on Sportsradio 94 WIP.


World Series Game 3 Preview

Baseball insider Seth Everett joins KYW’s Matt Leon to talk about the World Series as the Cardinals and Rangers head to Texas for Game 3, with the series is tied at a game a piece


Rollins Wants Years & Money & Phillies

By Seth Everett: Jimmy Rollins, the franchise face for a decade, may have played his last game as a Phillie.


Post-Mortem On The 2011 Phillies

I will be spending this week discussing how this season came to an end, what happened exactly, why it all went wrong, and where do we go from here. Today, was recap on the radio, so let’s start it there, and fans, process with caution.


Exclusive Audio Breakdown Of The Phillies-Cardinals NLDS

While we all wish that Game 5 was tonight, we have a day to breakdown and analyze Game 5 between the Phils & St. Louis.


Seth Everett Breaks Down Phillies-Cardinals NLDS On CBS Philly Radio

So how bad are people panicking now that the Phillies have lost Game 2? A 4-0 lead, with Cliff Lee on the mound, the odds would say the Phillies would be cruising up two games to zero.


Seth Everett With KYW Newsradio 1060’s Matt Leon

As the Phillies get set to wrap up the regular season, I sat down for “Reporter’s Round-Up” with Matt Leon. We discussed the Phillies-Braves finale, and a full breakdown of the Wild card races.


Seth Everett Joins Chris Stigall on WPHT 9/28/2011

As the Phillies go for their record setting 102nd victory of 2011, I joined Chris Stigall to discuss the recent games, as well as discuss the pressure on the Phillies to win in the playoffs. Come back to this blog for future audio as the playoffs are finally upon us.  Game 1 will be Saturday, with […]


100 Wins

That losing streak is a distant memory. Now the Phillies have won 2 in a row, and people have finally returned to normal after that panic attack.


What To Be Concerned About

Just a few days ago, there was champagne in the clubhouse. Two days later, the Phillies clinched home-field advantage throughout the 2011 playoffs. On the radio & on this blog, I have talked about how much I wish it was October already.


Great Celebration Overshadowed a Bit

Lost in the shuffle of the Eagles’ loss was the Saturday night celebration for the Phillies. They clinched the division in dramatic fashion, and it was a great night to be a fan.


Champagne On Ice

Tonight, the Phillies will have a celebration if they beat the St. Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves lose to the New York Mets. That combination would lead the Phillies to clinching the NL East for the 5th consecutive time.


MLB Made A Big Mistake

This story about the Mets not being able to wear FDNY or NYPD hats during their Sunday night game that nobody watched is shameful. I am mortified by that and furious that I probably know the people in that office that made that bad decision.


Philadelphia’s Big Role In 9/11 Recovery

Sunday marked the 10th anniversary of a day that changed the world forever. There are so many reports about how the sports world handled the occasion, yet I don’t think there is enough talk about how important Philadelphia was for baseball to begin the healing process 10 years ago.


Phillies-Brewers Preview

The Phillies swept the Braves and now they have reduced their magic number to 12. I don’t think there is much debate left for the NL East, but this was a potential NLCS matchup in October.


Photos From Citizens Bank Park

Phillies swept the Braves, and have now reduced their magic number to 12. I don’t think there is much debate left for the NL East, but this was a potential NLCS matchup in October.


What This Week Really Means

The Phillies got a big week off to a great start by simply dominating the Atlanta Braves 9-0 Monday night. Cliff Lee is on an amazing streak, and the path to another NL East Championship got even closer.


Regular Season Awards Overrated

The Phillies had a 5-0 record this week after the Hurricanes cancelled Saturday and Sunday. On Friday, they moved to 42 games over .500 for the 1st time in franchise history. An impressive accomplishment, but let’s not pop champagne just yet.


Hamels Start Bigger Than Phillies’ Win

Last night the Phillies played a tight 3-2 win over the Reds, and overshadowing the Victorino HR and the Madson save was the performance of Cole Hamels.


Come On Irene!

I have to admit, when I agreed to do this blog, I never thought I’d be writing about weather as much as I have in the last week. Hurricane Irene is descending on the Delaware Valley and the Phillies are hosting the Florida Marlins at Citizens Bank Park.


The Truth About Hamels

The topic about Cole Hamels is not about the disabled list. In this instance, the Philies are buying themselves a couple of days to figure out if he can really go, and get Pete Orr on the bench in the process.


How To Screw Up A Rain Delay

I am one person who can’t stand rain delays. What took place over the weekend was frustrating, but there were some mistakes made that could have been avoided even if the rain couldn’t have been.


Phillies: What’s There To Worry About?

Phillies have taken 2 of 3 from the 1st place team in the NL West, the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Strange Bedfellows In NL East

The Phillies haven’t played in a little under 3 days. As they get set to battle the upstart Arizona Diamondbacks, the teams they battle an average of 19 times a year have had some of the most bizarre controversies in baseball.


John Kruk

Phillies Show Great Respect For The Past

Despite the rainout on Sunday, the Phillies enjoyed a great weekend when they showcased their alumni.


A Well Deserved Day Off

I don’t like it when people think you are homer just because there are no negative things to say. Objectively, the accolades cannot stop pouring in for this Phillies team after they completed a franchise-best 9-1 road trip.


Fallout From The Fight

While I put most of the blame on Giants catcher Eli Whiteside, Darryl tells me how MLB would look at Shane Victorino, and how he deserves a lion’s share of the blame.


Playoff System Must Be Fixed

The reaction to my 6-man rotation idea was expectedly mixed. Staying up late watching Cliff Lee dominate the Giants gave me the idea to try another idea.


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