RCautilli-shoulder-web7619Next time you go for a walk, grab a pair of light weights and swing your straight arms as you walk. That’s just one way to strengthen your shoulders and keep them healthy. Dr. Richard Cautilli, Chairman of Orthopedics at St. Mary Medical Center also suggests swimming  and gym activities where arms are placed above the head. Around the house, stand far enough back from the coat closet to use straight, extended arms to hang up your coat. When putting the clean dishes back in the cupboard, put the heavy plates on a higher shelf, that will help those shoulders get stronger.

Dr. Cautilli says most shoulder injuries are the result of falls or from overuse by athletes. Rest, ice and take anti-inflammatory medicines for the first few days and you should feel better in about a week. If the pain is severe or the shoulder turns black and blue immediately, see your doctor.  The sooner you seek treatment, the quicker you’ll heal.

He says surgery may be required for frozen shoulder, when it becomes difficult or impossible to move, also for a shoulder that keeps dislocating and for some rotator cuff injuries. After the operation comes the hard part, the physical therapy. He says activities of daily living won’t be enough to get the shoulder back to full strength and hard work with a physical therapist is the only way.