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  1. Jessica Cassel says:

    Bai Ling’s tat is a cheetah, not a jaguar.

  2. Jessie says:

    Its a sad day when people are damned by their appearances by others who choose to be ignorant. Books cannot be read through a cover. I have a tattoo. I did not do it for anyone but myself. Its a reminder to me of who I was at a certain point in my life. It reminds me of the strengths and weaknesses of the person I was and the person I have become. It reminds me of an ideology. What I stood for and why I did. It marks how I have grown as a person. Its a forget-me-not of sorts. I will continue to mark myself with these forget-me-nots so that I can remember what I set out to become, the consequences of my actions and why it was so worthwhile. To all of the people who think that tattoos are unbecoming and un-ladylike; a real lady can only be determined by her persona. Character is key. So I suggest you look in your own backyard before judging others.

    1. Lone Wolf says:

      Truer words have never been spoken (Jessie 12/08/2011 @ 9:23-A.M.). Long ago, a very pretty, blonde, biker-lady & body-guard that lived on my block & I were exchanging stories about our Tatt’s. Her wise words: “Some people hang art-work in their homes, some in museums, galleries & even Temples. Why would I not want to show some of the art-work that IS my Temple? After all, we must all take care of our own Temple!”. So, equally important as her words are to me & now YOURS Jessie – – truer words were never spoken.

      Be SAFE, Be WELL & PEACE To ALL!

      -Lone Wolf

      1. mrbluesays says:


  3. NellyP says:

    Tattooed ladies is an oxymoron.

  4. Jack Kinch(1uncle) says:

    Trashy looking

    1. Mrbluesays says:

      I agree… Nothing nice looking about women with tats all over…un-classy and tacky almost ghetto like thugs. And I love womens breast but with the wrong tats on them, is a turn off. YUCK!

  5. gonzo says:

    Absolutely ugly tattoos on this chick? but i’ve seen worse on other women that really look toreup!

  6. Rick says:

    The FEMALES of Hollywood may be tatooed, but calling them LADIES is not only inaccurate but cheapens the very word substantially!

  7. Nancy says:

    Human beings are consciousness, traveling in a vehicle called the physical body. There is a concerted powerful effort/plan to lock up our “consciousness/all there is” into the 3 dimensional holograph that is commonly called “life” or “existence” here in this EXTREMELY limited experience.

    The more we focus on the body, the jewelry, the clothes, adornment (tattoos etc) …. the LESS we touch our understanding of who we really ARE, and the further we move away from our own perfection.

    If you are Elizabeth Taylor Burton, and your entire existance is focused on and expressed by fabulous jewels, fabulous clothing, the feeding of the “ego”, physical conquests – such as making addicted, adoring males into “collectables”….. your consciousness becomes less and less accessible…. and the “soul” withers for lack of attention and nourishment.

    This atrophied state of electrical magnetic energy is reflected in the body.. the health of the body/vehicle slows and degenerates. As it did with Taylor.

    Yes, tattoos ARE a “statement”.. of the absence of a healthy connection with true consciousness. And strangely people DO subconsciously “get this message” and reject the withered soul that is posturing and “walking the red carptet”, even if the rejection is not shown outwardly. On an inner understanding level tattoos “turn people off”.

  8. Angela Poirier says:

    I’m a lady and would never consider desecrating my body by getting any tatoos of any shape or form I feel of God wanted me to have tatoos I would haveI been born with them I feel that people that get them just wanna be notice and have no self esteem or worth for themselves or their bodies

    1. nicole r says:

      are your ears pierced? Yea god didn’t create you with holes in your ear lobes did he? So don’t use that cop out.

  9. D_Mack says:

    Tattoos have been around for centuries. Tattoos were part of pagan rituals, social status, clan identification, sign of adulthood, good luck charms, and artistic expression. It seems to have become the ultimate form of self expression nowadays. I wonder what will happen when this fad is over and young people have to live with some of the expressions that seem to be little more than a whim. While it is true that there are many people who are expressing pivotal moments, memorials to loved ones, and love for parents, children and etc., I wonder is there another way?

  10. Coco says:

    It’s ugly, and seems narcissistic. They make themselves a walking billboard to broadcast their most “personal” life events. Look at me!! I’ll tell you my story, which is fascinating, or I won’t, if you don’t rate (IE, have a tattoo of your own, proving you’re one of us). DUH

  11. FeelSorry4U says:

    I agree with Mat. I am a 36 yr old conservative businessman and family man with 2 half sleeve tattoos and plans for more. I, by no means, consider myself “a bottom feeder”,”ignorant”, “damaged goods”, nor “lacking good judgement”. I didn’t do it for “the herd”. I didn’t do it to be cool. Each piece was done for a defining moment in my life. Whether the birth of a child, marriage, etc. And lastly, I LIKE THE LOOK OF MY TATTOOS ON ME…PERIOD! Whatever happened to what was taught in the better days gone by, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? I guarantee the book written in my tattoos is much more interesting than most of your stories.

  12. nameless says:

    the young find it so cool becoz it seems as if every ‘famous cool’ guy has it.they tend to ignore their many disadvantages and put forward their few advantages.this is quite a shame.

  13. JRL says:

    They all look like “bottom feeders” who need a bath;body mutilation is a result of immaturity,stupidity, and the “herd mentality!” Mental health experts should be consulted,ASAP! Auto-immune diseases are on the rise because “morons” allow dye to be injected into their blood!! Dolts1 :-(((

    1. bluq09 says:

      Just because you don’t like tattoos and don’t want them doesn’t give you the right to call people who do immature or stupid. It is their choice to get tattoos, it’s their bodies so they can do whatever is it they want to do to it. you do not have to live their life. nor do you know what they may have been through that has inspired them to get whatever it is on their body.

  14. diana says:

    To all that left negative comments I would have to assume you are republicans. Closed minded and one sided.

    1. June says:

      You must be an ignorant liberal with a tramp stamp. I am a republican-proud of it too. If closed minded means we don’t let every piece of garbage seep into our brain, our values and our lives then yes, closed minded. The term is actually discerning.

      But then you are probably a bitter jealous woman.

  15. A. Bogus says:

    I have seen plenty of females with tattoo’s.
    I have NEVER seen a lady with one!!

    1. W says:

      I am a “LADY” & I enjoy my tattoos… I am not ignorant, a bottom-feeder, immature, stupid, or following herd mentality. I pride myself in being the unique individual that I am, including being a lady, and find that my ink is a part of that…
      If you’ve never met a “lady” with ink, then your not looking in the right place…

  16. charles says:

    Another fad that has caught the attention of many people. One wonders why? What purpose does the tattoo serve, especially if it is hidden from view? On the other hand, tats on the neck, face, and other exposed area’s, tend to send a message about the person that has them. I am pleased that older people do not get them. My mind tends to classify those who do as “mindless” and low class. There is definitely something missing from the minds of those who go overboard with excessive tattooing. I served in the Navy, and watched a lot of sailors get them when we were in Hawaii, and then when going back to the US they wished they had not gotten them. Playing to the “crowd” is typical among many young people. Thinking longterm is not the way a lot of younger people respond to the vagaries of today’s lifestyle. And ignorance is “not blessed!”

    1. W says:

      Those of us who get ink usually do it for a reason, a remembrance, or an expression of self. We do it because that is who we are. I am not low class, mindless, nor ignorant. I pride myself on my open-mindedness and my ability to accept people and not judge than because of their outside rather than the individual within. I use my own brains to achieve my goals. I know plenty of “older people” who have ink, including those that have recently gone under the gun. Neither I nor them got ink just to follow the crowd. Tattoos that are hidden from view are not always hidden; they’re visible to whomever the owner chooses (preferably open-minded people).

  17. Bart says:

    I think that they should stick to nautical or religious themes. Nothing like Ahab getting carried off by the whale or a manger scene to stimulate sexual interest…

  18. ed says:

    Certainly there is nothing more ignorant, inane and hideous that adorns a body than a tattoo! – Ed

    1. Ron says:

      Couldn’t agree more. Shows lack of good judgement. Ron

      1. Mat says:

        couldn’t disagree more.. merely shows what presumptuous douchbags you 2 are!

      2. terrillwb says:

        I think the difference in opinion here is exciting. There are many memorial and celebratory events that are remembered with pictures and videos; but a Tattoo seems to be the more recent and ever visible to the world method.

        Regardless of the reason, you can’t judge the person by the act or the content of the tattoo until you talk to that person and try to understand them; to do so would be unfair.

        It would be like judging every Republican as a rich selfish person who doesn’t want to pay taxes or help the poor; when many republicans are not rich or selfish. Many are following the mantra that join them with the political ideals that benefit the rich more than others and could be viewed as selfish in regards to the rich themselves but not the poor who just themselves with them for other reasons. They all don’t disrespect the office of the President or hate poor people.

        Or judging every Democrat as poor and needing government assistance, when we know there are rich Democrats and that the government assistance they may stand for could be for those less fortunate, Democrat or otherwise.
        But it is true that they are not all thinking of others or needy.

        Each group is aligned with ideals that are expressed politically in an abstract way from the individual by a compromise with other politicians. Let’s get to know the individuals, lets hear their stories, and let’s judge the character and values of the person not their designation, clothing, income status, or skin- plain (content) or with spicy ( needing more detail )