Without doubt, they are easily the most-heard chorus of singers and musicians in the entire Philadelphia area.

Over the past several years, their renditions of the famous KYW Newsradio jingle has been heard three times an hour — more than 362,000 times so far.

But who are they?

We’re proud to say they’re all from Philadelphia, having recorded the current version of the KYW jingle in Northern Liberties section of the city, long before it was as hip as it is today!

The studio at Second Street Productions has created all of the indentifiable KYW themes heard on the station.

Studio owner Larry Freedman has created the adaptions and mixes. (This is a photo of Larry and his wife Natalie when they started the studio back in the 1980s. The book they’re reading is titled “Building A Recording Studio.”)

There’s more about Larry at the bottom of this page.

Let’s meet the KYW singers and hear their individual voices. (Just click the PLAY buttons next to each picture. And you can listen to some of our present and past jingles at the bottom of this page.)


Bob is a writer, singer, bass player. With thousands of jingles and songs to his credit, Bob has sung on the KYW jingle since the 1987 version. He also was the co-writer and male lead singer on KYW’s 40th Anniversary “Love Song.” Bob is a full-time writer of music and lives in South Jersey.


Denice has a powerful recordable voice that loves the microphone. She’s sung in many bands and recorded for years in the area. If you watch the daily drawing of the Pennsylvania Lottery on TV, she’s the voice that belts out, “The Penn-syl-van-ia Lot-ter-y!”


Blue is a full time drummer, performer and producer who sings on many of the Second Street productions. He doesn’t just sing the blues. His solid baritone voice carries the bottom of the KYW jingle. He can sing just about anything and has a strong ear for harmonies.


Patty has never heard a harmony note that she couldn’t sing. Her talent is extremely special as many singers don’t have the ability to harmonize with other singers. Patty has the ability to belt out a rock song or sound like the Andrew sisters, and is a terrific singer to have at a recording session.


When Larry decided to open up his own studio, it seemed like a nice alternative to getting a real job.

As a drummer playing on studio sessions in Philadelphia and New York, Larry watched, listened and learned. As a business owner he soon discovered that when someone calls and asks can you write scripts, arrange, produce, program music or find talent, you say “yes!”

Larry’s been composing, arranging and producing the KYW Newsradio 1060 jingles and ID’s at Second Street Productions since 1987. The percussive feels and different time signatures reflect his drummer background.

Of all the jingle tracks he’s written, Larry remembers the reaction he received when he suggested that the studio compose a “Love Song” for KYW Newsradio’s 40th Anniversary. “What, are you crazy”? was the response from KYW’s program director. “This is a NEWS station!” But once he heard the “KYW Love Song,” the boss played it on the radio 2, 3, 4 times a day and night.

Still doesn’t answer the question if Larry’s crazy, though.

Some of the current and previous versions of our famous “KYW Newsradio 1060” jingles…

KYW Jingles from the 1940s
Seems we’ve always had a song in our heart. These classic KYW Radio jingles are from the 1940s, and include a catchy holiday version.

The KYW Newsradio Jingle Story
Originally broadcast back in March of 1998, KYW’s Bill Roswell produced these reports marking the 20th anniversary of the “KYW Newsradio 1060” jingle (2:31)

KYW’s 40th Anniversary “Love Song”
Written by Larry Freedman & Bob Dewald in 2005 as part of KYW Newsradio’s 40th anniversary of “All News. All The Time.” Sung by Bob & Denice Nejame. (1:35)

“Positively Philadelphia!” & “You Gotta Have Arts”
David Cope’s vocals on the music we use for our KYW’s Lauren Lipton’s “Positively Philadelphia!” reports. Carla Benson sings the theme for “You Gotta Have Arts.”

The KYW Newsradio “Scat” Jingle
Larry Freedman of 2nd Street Productions and singer Rick Minter created this jazzy acapella “scat” version of the KYW Newsradio jingle. (:33)

40 Years of KYW Newsradio Jingles
From September of 2005, this is a montage of our KYW Newsradio jingles as heard during our history. (1:20)

1976: “Catch The Spirit”
KYW Newsradio’s early jingle produced as part of the nation’s Bicenntenial Celebration. (1:03)

1978: “Philadelphia Turns Us On”
This was the first use of the “KYW Newsradio 1060” vocal signature line — a.k.a. “The Hook.” (1:07)

1981: “You Never Needed Us More”
Theme used for station identifications and promotional announcements during the early 1980s.