When it comes to Philadelphia shopping, Main Street, Manayunk is like Center City’s younger, slightly artsier sister. Whether you’re in the market for a kitchen table or a vintage tee, this single street has something for everyone, and plenty of downtown quaintness to boot. Scroll down for our guide to Main Street’s top shopping destinations. –Chelsea Karnash


4050 Main Street

Dwelling’s 24,000 square foot showroom is a mecca of designer furniture that’s divided into sections, each with its own style. From eco-friendly designs to scented candles to pop culture wall décor, there’s a ton of beautiful goods to sift through for your home.

Pottery Barn
4230 Main Street

Again, Pottery Barn isn’t a unique Philadelphia store like some of the others on this list, but its two-level Manayunk location offers a plethora of beautiful (albeit not one-of-a-kind) items for your home.


Benjamin Lovell Shoes
4305 Main Street

Founded in Delaware in 1991, Benjamin Lovell Shoes has expanded to a number of Pennsylvania locations, including ones in Center City and Manayunk. The retailer strives to mix style and comfort, which is a good thing considering the terrain of this section of Philly.

Bryn Mawr Running Company4320 Main Street

With its riverside trails and massive hills, it’s no wonder Manayunk acquired a running store. You can find all styles and brands of running shoes at Bryn Mawr Running Co., plus a selection of “casual” options.


4231 Main Street

Vamp prides itself on its relatively reasonable prices, which is a welcome departure from the attitude of most Philly stores. The boutique has a nice selection of “going out” clothes, as well as more conservative and casual wardrobe staples (like jeans and tees).

Nicole Miller
4249 Main Street

Even if you don’t have a prom, wedding or formal event in the near future, it’s always fun to browse Nicole Miller’s beautiful designs. Check the website often for sales and events.

Sunrise in Tibet
4253 Main Street

This cute store has a bohemian feel and offers items mostly sourced directly from Tibet–think jewelry, tapestries and scarves galore, most of them handmade. Proceeds help the artisans live and continue to work, so you can feel good about buying your next birthday or hostess gift here.

The Attic
4335 Main Street

Manayunk has a couple of vintage stores, but this is arguably the best because you can sell or trade your old clothes for store credit or cash. No appointment is necessary, and the store has seemingly endless racks of clothing and accessories for your perusal.

TAG Denim
4358 Main Street

Despite the name, TAG is not just about jeans. The crowded store also stocks things like sparkly tops and Free People tanks, plus men’s clothing.

Comments (5)
  1. Brooke says:

    Thanks for the tip. I went to Vamp Boutique and loved it!!! I been there like 5 times and brought a couple things each time. They get new stuff every week!

  2. Eliza Winters says:

    I love the home decor they have at Pottery barn but it;s all so expensive! I finally found a site that sells similar items at almost half the price. I love pottery barn though, I just have to wait until I can find coupons.


  3. Danni says:

    Don’t Forget about Octavio Miles. Their clothes are so different and stand out in the crowd. Don’t get me started on their own of a kind accessories and handbags. LOVE THEM!!!! If I could I would buy everything they have. I’ve been shopping there for two years now and they’ve never disappointed me yet….I doubt they ever will.

  4. Aevnger the moron says:

    you tell them retail Aevnger- like anyone cares

  5. retail Aevnger says:

    Banana Republic and Gia Bella have ben closed for months. Several of teh other stores mentioned are big box chain stroes or consign,ent stores Do your research, there are many hidden jems in Manayunk with way cooler stuff.

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