Orthopedic Care for Hands and Wrists

clymer j0418 0319web Orthopedic Care for Hands and WristsToo many people live with hand pain which can be treated, often easily. Dr. Eon Shin, an orthopedic surgeon specializing in hands and upper extremities at St. Mary Medical Center, says patients can try splints, over the counter anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone injections and hand therapy. If they don’t work, surgery is an option.

He says the most common cause of hand pain is carpal tunnel syndrome which is compression of the nerve at the wrist. It causes numbness and tingling in the fingers. Tendinitis, or trigger finger, is another frequent complaint . Dr. Shin says that results in a clicking or a locking of the fingers. Most patients live with these conditions for months or even years before seeking treatment.

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If pain is caused by too much texting, so-called blackberry thumbs or droid digits, the treatment is rest. The good news is it won’t cause arthritis, but can lead to tendinitis. So, put down the smart phone and find another way to communicate.

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