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Getaway Guide To Hurricane Hangups

Vacation plans are often set months or at least weeks in advance. Hurricane warnings can be a matter of days. And they frequently change course.


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Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Escape To Gettysburg On Papal Weekend

As prices head upward at some of the most popular papal weekend getaway destinations, perhaps looking westward is a good option.


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Getaway Guide To Hooking Dinner

What luck! My first ever fishing trip and the line is snagged, won’t budge, probably I think – hooked on a coral reef off Bermuda. My shipmates are talking about cutting the line. Then it […]


Fitzwater Station Canal  (credit: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Unforgettable Deck Bars On The Water

Summer getaways capped off with a water view at a lively deck bar leave indelible memories.


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Getaway Guide: Inner Harbor Cruisin’

There is an oasis of waterborne fun and adventure right in the heart of downtown Baltimore. Come by boat or direct from I-95 to the calm waters of the storied Inner Harbor and spend a […]


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Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Hershey A Sweet Option For Papal Weekend Getaway

Nostalgia is the key in Hershey, Pennsylvania. And it’s within two hours of home.


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Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Crab Feast Getaway

KYW’s Jay Lloyd reports that a crab feast getaway is pricier than ever.


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Philadelphia Summer Pool Guide

Here’s your guide to Philadelphia’s pools, plus a few down the shore.


Roosevelt home. (Photo courtesy: Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Hyde Park, New York

Without doubt, the dominant power couple of the 20th century was Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. KYW’s Jay Lloyd enjoyed a getaway that offered memories of the times and an introduction to an iconic family.


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Getaway Guide: St. Andrews

You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to be fascinated by the Middle Ages splendor of St. Andrews on the rugged North Sea coast of Scotland.


Area pleasure boating. (Photo by Jay Lloyd)

Jay Lloyd’s Getaway: Distress Or Not Distress

As new summer pleasure boaters take to the busy area waterways, there’s often confusion about when an unplanned situation is an emergency or merely an annoyance.


Lucy the Elephant in Margate. (Credit: Andrew Kramer)

Jersey Shore Landmark ‘Lucy The Elephant’ To Celebrate 134 Years With Birthday Bash

A New Jersey landmark is celebrating “her” birthday this weekend, and it’s a big one.


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Getaway Guide: Escape The Crowds During The Papal Visit

For those who would prefer to avoid the crowds in the city and overflow into suburban locations, there are a few getaway destinations close enough for a weekend but far enough away to avoid spillover crowds.


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Top Whitewater Rafting Near Philadelphia

All the adventure of the high seas compressed into a tiny raft racing down a mountain river. Pennsylvania’s whitewater rafting is a family thrillfest.


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Wildwood Water Park Opening Its Doors To Dogs For One Night Only

In addition to a scattered selection of water bowls and free dog treats throughout the park, pups can jump into the river adventure or paddle in the fountain pool.