Study Reveals Positive And Negative Effects Of Quitting FacebookThis week, the most comprehensive study to date on the effects of disconnecting from Facebook was released by researchers at Stanford and NYU. 
Facebook Reportedly Paying Teenagers For Information On Their Phone ActivitySome Facebook users have been giving the social network access to their phone activity in exchange for money as part of a research project since 2016.
Netflix Now Lets Users Share What They're Watching On Their Instagram StorySharing Netflix recommendations with friends just got a whole lot easier.
High-Tech Kiosks Popping Up Around Philadelphia Are Much More Than Just Phone-Charging StationsThe digital kiosk known as LinkPHL displays ads, but users can make calls, charge their phones and access WiFi for free. 
Facebook's New 'Community Actions' Feature Makes It Easier For Users To Promote Social CausesSome worry this new platform can be used by malicious actors  to spread disinformation.
Experts Say Stretching Can Help Prevent 'Smartphone Thumb,' Other Injuries Caused By Phone OverusePhysical therapist Joe Zarett suggests heavy phone users try stretching their forearms and wrists after long cell phone sessions.
Netflix Raising Prices For 58M US Subscribers As Costs RiseNetflix is raising its U.S. prices by 13 percent to 18 percent, its biggest increase since the company launched its streaming service 12 years ago.
Elderly People Most Likely To Share Fake News, Study FindsThe study also found that Republicans were much more susceptible to spreading fake news.