Latest Health News

Elephants Could Hold Secret To Surviving CancerElephants could hold the secret to surviving cancer.
FDA Recalls 2 Thyroid Medications Made By Chinese ManufacturerThe FDA has issued a voluntary recall for the medications because of potential problems with an ingredient in them. 
Doctors Remove Contact Lens Embedded In Woman's Eyelid For 28 YearsStarting as a pea-sized lump just below her left eyebrow, the cyst grew over a six-month period until it was visible on an MRI.
CDC Monitoring Measles Outbreak In Over 20 States, Including New Jersey, PennsylvaniaA majority of the people who got measles weren't vaccinated.
Health Care, Tech Jobs Top List Of Highest-Paying Work In U.S.Americans eager for a high-paying job might want to focus on two industries: health care and technology.
Wills Eye Hospital, CHOP Recognized As Top Medical Centers In Nation A major recognition for one of Philadelphia’s top medical centers.
Pet Owners Turning Cannabis Oil To Treat Pets CBD oil, also known as Cannabis oil, is an alternative to traditional medicine that is growing in popularity.
Scientists Developing Glowing Contacts To Treat Diabetic RetinopathyA light emitting contact lens is being developed to treat a common cause of vision loss.
Toxins Turning Up In Dozens Of Public Water SystemsEPA testing from 2013 to 2015 found significant amounts of PFAS in public water supplies in 33 U.S. states. The finding helped move PFAS up as a national priority.
Montgomery County Farm Offers Goat And Horse Yoga For Extra Health BenefitsThere are all different kinds of yoga, but now animals are getting in on the practice.
Study: Teens Exposed To Second-Hand Smoke At Higher Risk Of Developing Respiratory IssuesA new study finds teenagers exposed to second-hand smoke are at a higher risk of developing respiratory issues than teens who are not.
Research Shows New Fathers Suffer Postpartum DepressionAt the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, a new study showed about 10% of new dads suffer from depression and 18% suffer from anxiety.