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Preschoolers Learn Hand-Washing Is Simplest, Most Effective Way To Prevent Spread Of GermsPreschoolers at Bache-Martin School got a hands-on lesson on the importance of handwashing Monday.
Doctors Say Not Enough People Getting Vaccinated, Worried About 'Non-Believers'Officials say a big part of the problem is not enough people are getting vaccinated.
Pair Of Fourth Graders Hailed As Heroes For Saving Choking Kindergartner's LifeThe two said they learned what to do from watching first responders and by videos online. 
New Jersey Man Likely Contracted Brain-Eating Amoeba At Texas Water Resort, Health Officials SayThe brain-eating amoeba was confirmed in one of the park's four attractions, with the other three exhibiting favorable growth it.
Newark Giving Out Free Water Filters After Multiple Reports Of Elevated LeadThe city has been the subject of a lawsuit by environmentalists over the contaminated water.
Kensington Fashion Designer Creates 'Empowering' Bras For Breast Cancer PatientsDonofree designs beautiful bras for breast cancer patients that are lacy and sexy.
Mystery Illness Spread From Person To Person Causes Polio-Like Symptoms In ChildrenFor four years now, doctors at CHOP have been treating a growing number of cases.
Growing Number Of U.S. Children Not Vaccinated Against Any DiseaseAn estimated 100,000 young children have not had a vaccination against any of the 14 diseases for which shots are recommended.
South Jersey Woman Saves Seven Lives With Organ Donor ChainFor patients with advanced disease, transplants from living donors provide the best odds.
Study: Staring At Screens Could Be Hurting Children's Brain FunctionThe study also found that kids who slept well and were more active also had better brain function.
Father Issues Warning After Mold Found In Child's Capri SunA Columbus father found mold in a Capri Sun pouch last month that he was going to give his child.
Children’s Hospital Confirms 3 Cases Of Mysterious Polio-Like Illness In Pittsburgh A mysterious illness that partially paralyzes children has now been confirmed in Pittsburgh.