CDC: Flu Vaccine Providing Substantial Protective Benefit For Children During Influenza SeasonThe flu vaccine is based on an educated guess of what strains will be circulating because its made before the flu season starts.
Confirmed Case Of Mumps At Grice Middle School In Hamilton TownshipSchool officials did not identify the student or say if any other students are being monitored for mumps symptoms.
Doctors Perform Brain Surgery To Remove Tumor While Patient Plays ViolinThe patient's love of music helped guide her surgery.
'People Afraid To Come Out Of Their Homes': Kensington Residents Weigh-in On Public Safety Plan For Safe Injection SiteCity officials say establishing an overdose prevention center is critical to their plan to stem the tide of overdose deaths plaguing the city and released a new safety plan to address it.
South Jersey Mother Credits Cardiac Support Group With Helping Emotional Recovery From Heart ProcedureLike with any serious medical event, recovery isn't just physical, there are all kinds of complicated feelings.
Health Officials: US Experiencing Worst Flu Season For Children In Past Decade As Second Influenza Wave SpreadingPennsylvania has more than 72,000 confirmed cases of the flu, which is just a small reflection of the number of people who are sick.
School Districts Trying To Control Spread Of Flu After 7-Year-Old Matthew Wzorek Dies From Influenza ComplicationsMatthew Wzorek was a second grader at Worrall Elementary School in Broomall.
New Exercise Craze Claims Working Out In Frigid Temperatures Can Help Burn More CaloriesThe theory is that working out in the cold is more refreshing and can help you burn more calories.
Coronavirus In US: Health Officials Say Third Person Under Observation In Delaware Doesn't Have VirusThe health department says 27 people in the state are being monitored.
Pennsylvania Department Of Health Encouraging Residents To Get Tests For STDsThe health department says cases of syphilis is the highest its been in the state in more than 20 years.
On Valentine's Day, Doctors Say Dancing More Romantic Way To Stay Heart-HealthyDoctors say dancing is good for your mind, body and relationship.