By Kerri Corrado

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (CBS) — If you are heading down the shore for summer fun, prepare to pay up. The cost of everything is going up thanks to inflation and supply chain issues.

As a breeze sweeps through the Ocean City boardwalk, business owners are gearing up for the unofficial start of the summer.

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“Couple months ago, we felt like we had a lot of time and all of a sudden we have a couple days so we are making sure all the loose ends are tied up and we are as ready to go as possible,” Ocean City Surf Mall owner Wes Kazmarck said.

Kazmarck, who owns Surf Mall and is head of the Ocean City Boardwalk Merchants, says it hasn’t been all seashells and roses, especially during the pandemic.

They’re looking to fill jobs, dishing out higher wages, dealing with supply issues, and paying more for merchandise imported from overseas.

This in turn means you may be paying higher prices for items or services down the shore, from beach chairs to clothing to name a few.

Kazmarck says they are trying to avoid the hikes.

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“I don’t know an industry that hasn’t been hit with an increase in costs. We still want to make it affordable for everybody,” Kazmarck said.

Kazmarck says they are just looking forward to being open and making it a safe space for beachgoers to shop and spend time with family.

“Every year has challenges and every year we are always back and we get through it,” he said.

Beachgoers will also pay high prices at the pump if they plan on making the trek to the shore, averaging about $4.73 in South Jersey and $4.88 in Philadelphia’s five-county area.

Kazmarck says despite the higher prices, he still expects the crowds and his staff is ready for them.

“We are still thinking this year will be the most normal year we’ve had in three years,” he said.

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Kazmarck says they have been preparing since February and are looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend, rain or shine.