By Howard Monroe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia voters have been arriving at the polls all day on Tuesday to choose their nominees, and to vote on ballot questions. It was expected that turnout would be less than in presidential elections. 

Eyewitness News hasn’t seen the long lines as we did back then, but there has been a steady flow of people. People we spoke to said voting is their duty.

“I always do my civic duty, but I think it’s more important now these days,” Bob Heitz said. 

As canvassing in the 2022 primaries comes to an end, voters say the real race is just beginning. 

“As a young person, we kind of have to put up and also participate democratically,” Ben Bartolome said 

“It’s important,” Jack Dewaele said. “More important than ever now to vote.”

At times at the Kimmel Center, there were more poll and campaign workers than voters. 

Elections officials say turnout has been steady. It was a similar situation at the Museum of the American Revolution in Old City. This is the third election cycle they’ve opened their doors as a polling site. 

While mail-in voting is still allowed, elections officials say the majority of voters prefer in-person voting.

“In-person voting in Philadelphia is as Philadelphian as Tastykake and Rocky, right,” Lisa Deeley, the chair of Philadelphia city commissioners, said.  

Deeley said they had to scramble over the weekend to find additional poll workers because several workers called out because of COVID. 

“We had calls over the weekend that indicated to us that COVID was going to be an issue for us,” she said. 

But it was just the power of the vote that had people ready to come out.

“It’s very important that every citizen votes,” Keith Breitfeller said. “My father always voted, taught me that voting was very important in every election. That’s the one thing we have control over, people who we elect.”

“A lot of folks, particularly at the federal level, have been steering the ship for quite some time now and obviously we need more equitable representation across age groups,” Ben Bartolome said. 

Philadelphia voters can contact the district attorney’s election task force at 215-686-9641.

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