By Joe Holden

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — Exclusive video shows a man jumping on the hood of his Lexus as it is driven away from a local parking lot. Car thefts are on the rise and police say it’s because of something the owners are not doing.

Thieves are scanning local parking lots in South Jersey for running cars. Reports of stolen cars are through the roof.

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Video from last weekend shows the owner of a Lexus come out of the Country Farms in Washington Township to find two people leaving in his car. He isn’t hurt after he took a brief ride on the hood, attempting to stop them in their tracks.

Reaction to the video — complete surprise.

“No way, that’s crazy,” one man said.

Police departments have been warning drivers to lock their doors. Don’t leave them running.

Even Deptford out with some light humor — a nod to Ray Liotta’s Henry Hill in Goodfellas — but in this role, he’s playing the part of a driver who remembered to take his keys.

Washington Township Police Chief Pat Gurcsik says it’s easy to avoid becoming a victim.

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“Take the keys with you, lock your car up, don’t leave your kids in the car, and don’t leave anything in plain sight for potential thieves to steal,” Gurcsik said.

But while shooting our story, another idling car was purring in the background.

“That’s exactly what we’re talking about. It’s a crime of opportunity. It’s cold outside, people want to keep their cars warm, but it’s also the opportunity for the thief to hop in and take off,” Gurcsik said.

We waited for the owner, Jay. He acknowledged, after hearing why we were here, next time, he’ll take the keys with him.

“Go in, get your Red Bull, pack of smokes, whatever it is, and just get back in your car and leave. You would never think somebody will steal your damn car,” he said.

Police do not recommend interfering in a theft. Just call 911.

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As for the Lexus taken in the video, police say the car was recovered in Camden.