By Jasmine Payoute

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Pennsylvania’s Department of Transportation said Saturday it is ready for Sunday’s incoming storm, with a plan to cover any staffing issues caused by COVID. Right now, it’s not the snow people are talking about — it’s the freezing cold.

With temperatures this low, people in Philadelphia are cutting to the chase.

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“I don’t like the cold because it’s too cold freezing,” one person told CBS3.

The cold weather not freezing plans Saturday night as Eyewitness News caught up with people at the Acme on City Avenue.

“I’ll tell you my business. I’m coming from Jersey just running errands with my mom, Walmart and some other places,” one person said.

At Dilworth Park, we found the same dislike for the cold

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“It was real cold when we first got here because we had to walk like 15 minutes for parking but as soon as we got here it warmed up instantly,” one skater said.

But with the cold will soon come snow and ice, PennDOT preparing by activating both their incident and emergency command centers.

“We got a lot of salt still on the roads from previous events this past week in the areas that the operators see it may need some additional pretreatment, and we’ll wait and see what happens tomorrow night,” a PennDOT spokesperson said.

Residents said whether it’s snow or just freezing cold, some advice: “Keep moving and drink alcohol it might warm you up, it might!”

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Jasmine Payoute