DREXEL HILL, Pa. (CBS) — Four days after a medical helicopter crash-landed in front of a Drexel Hill church, the community that rallied to help on that day is coming together once again. CBS3 went back to Burmont Road, where literal signs of gratitude are on full display.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, Maureen Ingelsby of Drexel Hill has a few to share.

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“It was a community effort and that’s why I wanted to start this, because I thought, ‘We don’t want to let that go, we need a good story,'” Ingelsby said.

She like many couldn’t believe their eyes when a medical helicopter crashed, narrowly missing power lines, cars, and houses. Everyone on board – the pilot, two others, and a two-month-old baby girl – survived.

“It came right over the building pretty much, shook the building,” Bill Dirite, the owner of Station Tap, told CBS3.

Ingelsby asked Dirite to tag team the effort meant to honor the extraordinary efforts of all those who helped turn tragedy into something truly inspirational.

“I think the first responders sometimes especially get lost because they do it every day, but it’s amazing,” he said.

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Jackson Mixson, 4, attends preschool inside the church. He was inside on Tuesday, just feet away from the crash.

“I hear the big noise,” he said. “I think there was a plane, but there was a helicopter.”

Mom Amanda said the church let her know what happened immediately, saying, “His teacher called within one minute, she watched the helicopter fall from the window.”

As many saw the wreckage and pondered what could have been, the experience seemingly has left this community united in gratitude

“I think we need to say thank you as much as we can,” Dirite said, adding, “And I think something like this is saying, ‘Thank you.'”

The signs ran out Saturday afternoon, but more are on the way.

Alicia Roberts