By Kerri Corrado

ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Abington Township police are warning homeowners about a series of break-ins. These burglars are targeting specific kinds of homes.

Several of these burglaries have occurred on Stockton Road in the Meadowbrook section of Abington Township.

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Police are investigating brazen burglaries in Abington Township.

“They are smashing right through the back of the house. They don’t care if they activate an alarm,” Abington Detective Lt. Steven Fink said.

Police say masked robbers are targeting homes in higher-end neighborhoods with their eyes on valuables.

“Whatever they can find that’s valuable — jewelry, money, expensive handbags,” Fink said.

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Police say the burglaries happened on three separate nights in the past three weeks in the Meadowbrook neighborhood. Investigators say the robbers strike when it gets dark and no one is home.

“They are looking for houses with no lights on yet, maybe people haven’t come home from work or no cars in the drive and mail still in the mailbox,” Fink said.

Investigators also believe these burglaries may be related to a rash of burglaries in Bucks County. They are investigating if the same group is involved.

As officers beef up patrols, they’re asking residents to keep an eye on anything that looks out place in their own neighborhoods.

“If you are going away for a long period of time, put lights on timers or maybe you have a car that you usually park in the garage, you can park it in the driveway. You can have a neighbor park in your driveway, have somebody collect your mail,” Fink said.

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On a few occasions, people were home when the robbers broke in. Police say they ran off and no one was injured.