By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When it comes to trimming trees, everyone has their own decorating style. In this week’s Open For Business feature, Eyewitness News heads to The Merrygold Shop in Queen Village, where the owner’s personal treasures became the inspiration for some very special ornaments.

In Queen Village, there’s a little shop where merry is in the name and in the souls of the carefully curated items that cover the walls and floors. From artsy cards to jolly jewelry, if you’re looking to gift complete with whimsy and all the warm and fuzzy feels, make your way into Merrygold.

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“We actually believe in the Christmas tree that has tons,” owner Sammi Bateman said. “The theme should be what your family and home is. Sometimes it’s a mess, but it always looks beautiful in the end. There are some days that are really dark out there and if we can be 14 feet of happiness, we’re going to lean into that really hard.”

Bateman says Merrygold during the holidays is especially merry.

“Twinkly lights out the wazoo here and our assortment is real fun,” Bateman said.

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The Merrygold ornament (Credit: CBS3)

Because part of the store’s holiday assortment is handmade ornaments that have been passed down by her great-grandmother.

It was an old tradition that in 2020 was made new again for her and her customers, thanks to her mom.

“After I just invested all of my money to open the store, I was trying to be resourceful for holiday ornaments,” Bateman said. “That’s when my mom stepped in. My mom recreated my great-grandmother’s original ornaments. I think it was a way my mom could help out without physically being here. My parents live in Florida. They never got to see the store open. After those sold out immediately, she started working on this year’s, and I think we’re up to like 150.”

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Watch the video above for more on Merrygold.

Vittoria Woodill