GLASSBORO, N.J. (CBS) — Students at Rowan University are being told if they feel sick, stay home. But it’s not COVID-19 that university leaders are most concerned about — it’s an upswing in flu cases.

University officials say they’ve been offering the flu vaccine since September. Right now, they’re working to minimize the spike in flu cases.

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The peak of flu season is usually December through February, but within the last few weeks, Rowan University has seen a sharp increase — over 100 students have been diagnosed with the flu.

“What’s abnormal was, that last year, we had no flu season,” Scott Woodside, director of Rowan University’s Wellness Center, said, “so we go from no flu season last year to this year, hitting us a little bit earlier.”

While they continue to monitor and test, university health officials want students to keep an eye out for fever, body aches, chills, dry cough, or sore throat.

If you do find that you have flu symptoms, stay away from others.

“I’m part of a few clubs and so many people have gotten it,” student Ana Boddy said.

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The director of the school’s wellness center says COVID-19 precautions remain in place, but the flu is somehow wreaking havoc this year. Not as many people have been getting the flu shot.

“If you ask around, our health departments and pharmacies, it’s low,” Woodside said. “It was really low last year. It was still low this year.”

It’s normal for shortages to occur during flu season and with this recent spike, walking into any of the nearby pharmacies, one after the next has run out of anti-viral medication.

Some students are being proactive.

“Wearing my mask, staying indoors when I have to and pretty much, wiping things down and staying healthy,” student Naji Middleton said.

“A whole bunch of Lysol, double mask and literally always washing my hands,” student Nasiri Lugo said.

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Currently, free flu shots are being administered on Mondays on the Glassboro campus, but days and hours will be expanded leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday.