By Kerri Corrado

WAYNE, Pa. (CBS) — On this Veterans Day, a local hero is sharing some amazing stories. Ninety-eight-year-old Charles Doyle of Radnor experienced a lot during his time in the service.

Doyle is a native of Long Island and lived in Radnor Township for more than 50 years. On this Veterans Day, we learned more about him and his time in World War II.

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“I went into the Army in 1943 and we started winning the war in 1943,” he said.

Doyle is still sharp at 98 years old.

The WWII veteran served in the 169th Ordnance Depot Company.

This Veterans Day, he took a trip down memory lane at the Philadelphia Print Shop in Wayne, and he even brought notes.

Doyle says out of the stories from the Army, he has a favorite.

“Yeah, how I met my wife,” he said.

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Doyle says he met his wife in France. It all started when she asked her father if Doyle and two friends could come over for Sunday dinner. But Doyle was the only one who could speak French and he says he used it to his advantage.

“When Sunday came, I didn’t tell them what the conversation was about and I went alone. And that started the beginning of a romance that lasted 62 years,” Doyle said.

Most importantly, Doyle says he wants to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“I’m glad they are showing honor to the veterans and the guys who were really in it,” Doyle said.

Doyle’s medals were on display, and he was gifted a picture of his favorite Beech tree, one he took with him from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania.

He revealed his secret to a long life.

“Have a happy family and don’t get too upset about stuff,” he said.

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After Doyle got out of the Army he worked in sales at McCormick Spice.