By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A fiery sunset wrapped up the first weekend of November, and the clouds had everything to do with its gorgeous hues. CBS3 viewers captures some stunning images of the sunset Sunday evening.

CBS3 viewers caught some spectacular photos. Click here to view the sunset gallery

CBS3’s Joe Holden also snapped a picture of the beautiful sky.

So what exactly caused the sky to put of a colorful show? Clouds.

High-level cirrus clouds were in the sky at the time, which are made of tiny ice crystals. Those crystals reflected and refracted the sun’s rays back to the ground. That’s when wavelengths play a factor.

As the sunlight travels, at low altitude, certain colors with shorter wavelengths such as blue and violet are scattered before reaching our field of vision, yet colors with longer wavelengths – such as red and orange – make the full journey to present a feast for our eyes.
Who knew science could create such a pretty sight?
CBS3’s Lauren Casey contributed to this report.