PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many people used the pandemic as an opportunity to bring an animal into their lives. At World Wide Aquarium and Pet Shop, however, the selection isn’t limited to those with fur and four legs.

The Roxborough business is packed with pets, from the scaly and slimy to ones who love terrariums and treats. For more than 20 years, it has been the vibrant hub for animal lovers.

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“I always liked animals, but I never thought I’d be this involved with them,” owner Jeffrey Ruder told CBS3 with a laugh.

Ruder was shocked by how many people decided to get pets during the pandemic, even running some of their inventory dry.

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“The whole country ran out of fish tanks,” he said. “For four or five months, we couldn’t get fish tanks.”

Fortunately, the business hasn’t slowed, meaning people are still interested in the fish, lizards, and snakes World Wide Aquarium and Pet Shop has to offer as the pandemic continues.

To learn more about this business, watch the video above.

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