By Alicia Roberts

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A second person has been arrested in connection to the shooting death of a man at Pat’s Steaks in South Philadelphia last week. Jamie Frick, 36, was charged with murder and other related offenses Tuesday, police say.

Paul Burkert, of Reading, has already been charged with murder in the fatal shooting of 22-year-old David Padro of Camden, New Jersey. Burkert’s defense attorney, Charles Peruto Jr., confirms Frick is Burkert’s girlfriend.

Frick’s attorney says the only thing his client is guilty of is going out to get a cheesesteak with her boyfriend.

“They are going to have to put up or shut up because I’m filing motions,” Angelo Cameron said.

According to Frick’s attorney, the charges are confusing.

“I don’t think my client went to Pat’s Steaks with her boyfriend to conspire to murder,” Cameron tells CBS3, adding, “It doesn’t make sense.”

Peruto said the shooting was a case of self-defense, claiming his client was being “getting pummeled” before the shooting early Thursday outside Pat’s King of Steaks.

Peruto said his client was left with cuts on his face and his own blood in his hair, face, chest and clothing. He called the shot “a necessary action to prevent serious bodily injury to himself.”

Police have not said what Frick’s role was in the incident. She is being held without bail. Cameron tells Eyewitness News he thinks the case against his client isn’t strong enough.

“Are you liable because you were with the person because you both went to buy cheesesteaks together?” he wonders.

Frick was arrested at her home without incident.

Alicia Roberts