By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With COVID-19 still spreading, Eyewitness News has a prime example from Montgomery County of how breakthrough cases are happening because of children who aren’t eligible to be vaccinated. Even when people take precautions with vaccinations and masks, they can still get COVID-19.

That’s why more people need to get vaccinated to stop the spread.

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Marc Ost, a huge vaccine proponent who’s been on the front lines fighting COVID-19, got the virus anyway.

Credit: CBS3

“Mild COVID symptoms, sneezing, sore throat, headache, fatigue and a very slight fever,” Ost said.

Ost is the co-owner of Eric’s Rx Shoppe in Horsham where they’ve given over 25,000 doses of the vaccine.

“I think there was a level of comfort knowing I was vaccinated and the chance of severe illness or death was very minimal,” Ost said.

His wife was also vaccinated, but she too tested positive, along with their young children who are too young to get the vaccine. Ost thinks the kids were probably infected at camp in early July.

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“They were there Monday through Wednesday and then Wednesday night and Thursday morning is when they tested positive,” Ost said. “It’s upsetting, makes you nervous. I wasn’t really worried about me, I was more worried about them and making sure everyone else was OK.”

Everyone is OK now after being in the recommended quarantine.

Ost is sharing their story to show how even when taking precautions, people are still at risk.

“When the mask mandate went away we still required masks at our pharmacy,” Ost said. “We still required our kids to wear masks and we wore masks as well. We wanted to make sure we were protected.”

Doctors say breakthrough cases are still rare, but the Ost family is an example of how COVID continues to spread from unvaccinated children to adults who are vaccinated, but in close prolonged contact — add to that the Delta variant.

“The strain that’s going around is very contagious and very severe. We just wish more people would get vaccinated,” Ost said.

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Ost says everyone the family had contact with before they tested positive was informed and all took appropriate precautions.

Stephanie Stahl