AMBLER, Pa. (CBS) — It’s how a lot of us start our morning, a nice, big cup of coffee. In this week’s Taste With Tori, we’re getting a look at one couple’s take on a cup of Joe and the unique way they sell it.

If you need to wake up before you go-go, Wake Coffee Roasters in Ambler is the spot for eye-rolling rocking roasted onsite small-batch coffee that packs some big flavor.

They have the classics at your fingertips, but the hands around here are crafting coffee drinks like cocktails. Try the basic white wine made with seltzer, espresso and lime, or the recess with lemonade and cold brew.

Since they partnered with Ship Bottom Brewery, you can even drink a few beer brews outside and it’s all being brought to you by husband and wife owners, Alec and Christina Satterly.

When this engineer and scientist did open a place in Ambler last year, COVID-19 not only affected their business but the way they and many others communicate.

“We’re both deaf and hard of hearing,” Christina said. “I use an implant. He uses hearing aids. It has been challenging in the past year with the masks, with communication. There are a lot of deaf, hard-of-hearing folks in this area and we want to be able to communicate with them the way they communicate. We have ordering ahead of time, which is great because that eliminates that barrier trying to talk to someone. We also have myself and a couple of other people that do know sign.”

And extra happy all will be with anything off the drink or food menu.

Watch the video above for more on Wake Coffee Roasters.

Vittoria Woodill