By Alecia Reid

RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Authorities have two people in custody in connection with a murder in Bucks County. The body was discovered by a state trooper.

Two brothers, both teenagers, are being accused of murder. Their Subaru was parked behind the victim’s car with the blinkers on. A trooper passing by believed the car was disabled and stopped to help.

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Officials say it is possible the two brothers were dumping their victim’s body at East Pumping Station Road and California Road.

It still isn’t clear if the victim was killed in the rented Audi A5 with Florida plates or was transported in it. Officials say there was a significant amount of blood in the vehicle.

The DA says 17-year-old Josh Gamble, who is being charged as an adult, was wearing plastic work gloves on his left hand and had blood on his shoes.

The Subaru key fob he was holding was also stained with what police believe to be blood.

His brother, 19-year-old Anthony Gamble was seen running in the woods nearby. He also had blood on his shoes and his shirt.

Police found their alleged victim in the woods.

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“Stab wounds about his head, neck, upper chest and arm,” Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said.

Weintraub says a large knife was found in the passenger side of the Audi. Although both brothers had a lot of blood on them, they had no injuries.

“It is very difficult to kill somebody with a knife. It is often an intimate crime. You have to be within arm’s length to kill somebody with a knife and stab somebody more than once,” Weintraub said. “Certainly, we will be arguing that that is evidence of specific intent to kill.”

The Gamble brothers are from Somerset, New Jersey, and the victim is also from out of the area.

Authorities are paying attention to the fact that the younger brother, Josh, purchased sanitizer wipes from a nearby 7-Eleven shortly before the crime.

The district attorney is seeking no bail for both brothers. An autopsy will occur tomorrow.

We’re told neither brother resisted arrest. Both of them will be charged and arraigned this evening.

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They are facing a number of charges, including homicide and conspiracy.