By Alecia Reid

BROOKHAVEN, Pa. (CBS) — Thousands of gallons of fuel spilled into local waterways, including an elementary school pond. That fuel spill is in Delaware County, where officials say a leak at a gas station in Brookhaven contaminated a stormwater retention pond behind Coebourn Elementary School.

Crews are continuing to clean up the scene on Saturday night.

The gas spill made its way down a hill and into the sewer, retention pond, and a creek.

There are dozens of dead fish, turtles, and frogs in the retention pond.

Officials say the spill originated at the Gas N Go on the corner of Coebourn Boulevard and Edgemont Avenue.

The station had two deliveries on Friday, and somehow about 4,700 gallons of gas got released into groundwater, ponds, and small tributary.

Hazmat crews responded and conducted environmental checks. They say there are no air quality issues.

Everything has turned over to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, which is now cleaning up and removing gasoline from the ground surface.

Officials say they more than likely will have to remove a good amount of dirt.

The Fish Commission is also evaluating.

“At this time, we’re investigating whether there was an issue with the tank truck delivering fuel or whether if there was a problem with the tank itself that released the product into the environment,” Brookhaven Fire Chief Rob Montella said.

Officials say there is no threat to the public as crews continue to clean up.