By Joe Holden

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — The Delaware County law enforcement community held a COVID-19 vaccine drive. They dedicated it to one of their own who lost his life to the virus.

“If I knew it was the last time I would’ve seen him, I would’ve stayed longer,” Randi Mahoney said.

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Longing for one more phone call, text, or even a smile.

“He was just always my rock,” she said.

Randi Mahoney cherishes the memories she made with her late husband, Scott Mahoney. The father of four and Delaware County Park Police Superintendent died last month from complications of COVID-19.

Scott and his longtime friend and colleague Acting Captain Roger Joseph were both sick with the virus.

“I would always tell him to focus on getting better. Don’t worry about this stuff, and now he’s not here for me to tell him that, and that’s what kills me,” Joseph said.

Scott Mahoney rose through the ranks.

An Upper Darby High School graduate, the chief served on a number of forces and answered calls with the Upper Darby Fire Department. Several weeks ago, he developed symptoms and wasn’t getting better.

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Then, a positive test. Days later, Scott went to the hospital.

“I was at my daughter’s game and we were texting back-and-forth and I remember the last thing I sent was a video of my daughter hitting the ball,” Randi said, “and then I wasn’t hearing anything back. And I think in like 10 minutes later, I got a call from the doctor that he just went downhill.”

The 47-year-old was even texting and emailing about work business two hours before he died.

“He’s not there and it’s like having your heart ripped out,” Joseph said.

The chief will be remembered as one of the hardest workers in the courthouse, but his wife adds, though, that he really knew how to insert humor into a situation when needed.

“I always told him that when he retires, he should do cartoon characters,” Randi said. “Because when we say something goofy, he always goes into this little character and makes you laugh.”

Scott’s colleagues and family smile when remembering his dedication. In honoring his service, law enforcement from all over the county were invited to get vaccinated Wednesday in a Shots for Scott clinic.

“I think they take a different look at it now because you see a young guy, 47, relatively healthy and he went into the hospital and never came so I think they look at that and say, ‘that could be me,'” Chris Eiserman with Folcroft police said.

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A salute to a dearly departed law enforcement officer, dad, husband, son and friend who so many admired and looked up to.