By Stephanie Stahl

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Cashing in on shots. Delaware announced a new vaccine incentive program that includes money, gifts, and trips. Delaware is joining other states essentially paying people to get vaccinated.

The federal government covers the incentive programs, money coming from the new COVID-19 stimulus legislation.

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Free tickets to the Wilmington Blue Rocks are among Delawareans’ incentives to encourage them to get vaccinated, luring them with other prizes of cash and vacations.

“Delaware wins, we all win when somebody gets vaccinated, it’s our vaccine incentive program we have prizes in there as well for those that have already been vaccinated,” Delaware Gov. John Carney said.

About 65% of Delaware has received at least one dose but vaccination rates have slowed, prompting the new incentive program. Residents over the age of 12 who are vaccinated between May 25 and June 29 will be eligible to take part in the twice-a-week prize drawings. It includes vacations, $5,000 cash and tickets to events.

“I think it’s a great thing, I think public health is something we should all be concerned about — two thumbs up from me,” Logan Snyder said.

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The Delaware vaccine incentives also include as many as 200 small businesses offering incentives to vaccinated customers, that includes restaurants, bars and gyms.

“We look forward to encouraging more people to get the shot, protect yourselves, protect your families, protect the community and when you do that everyone wins and Delaware wins,” Carney said.

The state is also offering coveted low-number license plates to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

Experts say vaccine incentive programs are super popular and effective in Ohio where there was a $1 million prize. Vaccination rates went up almost 30% cashing in on shots.

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Delaware announced a new vaccine incentive program that includes money, gifts and trips.

Stephanie Stahl