By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Another concern when it comes to vaccinating young people against COVID-19, some parents are concerned about their daughter’s fertility in the future. However, Dr. Rob Danoff, director of family medicine at Jefferson University Hospital, says current data shows no correlation between COVID-19 doses and birth defects.

“Regarding infertility, there is absolutely no evidence, none, that this can cause infertility. None,” Danoff said.

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If you have any questions, you should certainly speak to your or your child’s doctor.

Meanwhile, with all American adults now eligible to get the coronavirus vaccine, the focus now shifts to those reluctant to roll up their sleeves.

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Vaccine hesitancy continues to be an issue in officials’ eyes as there are many factors officials believe are keeping people from rolling up their sleeves.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy says the state will become more proactive to encourage vaccinations.

“I think we’re at the beginning of a phase where we need to be proactive, not just like the steps we took with seniors 75 and up and 65 and up which clearly worked, but we’re going to need to be much more offensive to get the rest of the of the 4.7 million across the goal line,” Murphy said.

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More than 134 million Americans have received at least one COVID shot so far.