By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are new developments in a double homicide investigation. A family is grieving the death of a mother and a grandmother.

The investigation into the double homicide began with the location of a missing toddler in a hotel room.

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Police say the child’s father, Byron McDonald II, will soon be on the hook for both of those murders, although charges have yet to be filed.

In the meantime, McDonald and his mother are being held on drug possession charges.

The family of Morgan Braxton and her mother Tamara Aikens is now working to plan two funerals. Tamara’s dad, Maury, said by text he was busy figuring out when to bury her.

Neighbor Joyce Forge took us back to last Wednesday when she says things seemed normal.

Police found Braxton dead from a gunshot wound at her home in Logan. That was Monday morning. It’s possible she may have died days earlier.

Investigators wouldn’t have known to check if not for family members concerned after Braxton’s mother was shot at her front door on Friday.

Family members say they insisted police check on her well-being and that of her 2-year-old.

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Police sources say surveillance cameras captured a red Chevy Malibu driving slowly by Aiken’s home on Friday. Gunshots are heard and muzzle flashes were seen.

That’s the same car police tracked after issuing an Amber Alert for Braxton’s 2-year-old boy Monday.

Braxton’s boyfriend and the father to the 2-year-old is Byron McDonald II. He’s also the suspected shooter in both killings.

Other than presumed custodial issues, a motive is not yet known.

Braxton’s stepmother recalled meeting Morgan and McDonald last Wednesday in a McDonald’s parking lot. And unlike the neighbor saying everything seemed fine, Tonya Harris offered a contrasting picture.

“I think what bothers me so much is that when she pulled up in the car and she was with Byron, I knew something was wrong. She looked me dead in the eyes, she looked terrified, she looked like she needed help. She wouldn’t get out of the car to give me a hug. She was just really quiet and stoic,” Harris said.

Harris also says a day later, her daughter’s cellphone was no longer on and calls went straight to voicemail.

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The family also says the 2-year-old boy is doing well and they have brought him some clothes and toys.