By Kimberly Davis

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — As more people in the area get vaccinated, the idea of vaccination passports is gaining momentum. Some say it’s the key to returning to normalcy.

“We’re thinking once you have your vaccine card that you keep it close by and keep it in a safe place, almost like a will,” Camden County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. said.

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Your vaccination card may be your golden ticket back to a normal pre-COVID life.

Camden County announced residents should consider laminating their vaccination cards because it could be a vital documentation moving forward.

“You’re going to need it to get into places,” Cappelli said. “Whether it be an entertainment venue, onto an airplane, perhaps whatever school you go to.”

Certain schools have already started requiring college students to show proof of vaccination before returning for in-person learning, like Rutgers University.

Though Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf says he doesn’t have a position on vaccine passports, he would support legislation.

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“If that were something that would come from the general assembly, yeah I’d support that,” he said.

New York is also advising its residents to laminate their vaccine cards. Starting Friday, New Yorkers will be able to pull up a code on their cellphone, or a printout to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

South Jersey officials believe more institutions and corporations are considering how to put these cards to use.

“We have concert venues, entertainment venues, so this is something we’ll be considering as we move forward as well,” Cappelli said.

Being vaccinated is a personal choice, but officials say that’s something that will be considered as they move forward.

“We’re going to listen to our experts. We’re going to listen to the science and make some decisions,” Cappelli said.

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Staples and Office Depot are offering to laminate your vaccine card for free. Staples’ offer ends this week, but Office Depot will continue its program into the summer.

Kimberly Davis