PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Capitol Police in Washington say they’ve uncovered intelligence of a possible plot to breach the U.S. Capitol Thursday. The revelation comes nearly two months after President Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the Capitol.

“I feel really assured that between the Capitol Police and the National Guard, that they are providing the necessary security,” Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman Dwight Evans said.

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Evans, speaking from his office in the Capitol building, says he feels safe, despite new intelligence released by Capitol Police indicating another breach may be coming tomorrow.

“The Capitol Police have assured us that they are paying attention, doing their due diligence to all aspects of security around the Capitol,” Evans said.

The new threat comes nearly two months after the Capitol was breached while Congress was certifying President Joe Biden’s election victory. The Associated Press reports the threat appears to be connected to a far-right conspiracy theory that Trump will rise to power again on Thursday.

The reason why March 4 was chosen is because that was when presidents were inaugurated up until 1933, when it was moved to Jan. 4.

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The Capitol Police did not give specifics on a possible attack and didn’t name a group. National Guard troops have been in Washington since early January, after the breach.

At first, they were there to secure Biden’s inauguration and then they were kept there to assist Capitol Police.

“We are ready and eager to work in partnership with leaders in Congress on any recommendations that are made to ensure their safety and security and to prevent the events that happened on Jan. 6 from ever happening again,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said.

Evans says, instead of worrying about this, lawmakers should be working on moving forward.

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“We need to focus on the people, what is most important for them,” Evans said. “We’re having a difficult time. We got to bring this country back better, but it’s only going to do if we work together.”