By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — People in a Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood desperately want a hit-and-run driver caught. Over the weekend, a pickup truck crashed into several parked cars and kept going.

It happened on the 7100 and 7200 blocks of Tabor Avenue in Burholme.

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Around 3 a.m. this past Sunday, a massive crash occurred.

“We were asleep. My dad came running down saying, ‘They hit your car. They hit your car,'” Heather Franchitti said.

And not just Franchitti’s car, but at least four others as well.

“Ran outside and saw all of the damage,” she said.

It happened off the 7200 of Tabor Avenue in Philadelphia. The driver of this white Dodge pickup, with a dark-colored racing stripe down the middle, slammed into a black SUV, then a snow pile. He then backed up right into Franchitti’s car, even dragging it a few feet during his escape. This is all after the vehicle hit two other cars just seconds earlier a block north.

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“My car just got out of the shop from a hit-and-run. Yeah, in a Wawa parking lot. It’s only been a couple of days and then this man drags my car into another car,” Franchitti said.

Neighbors have their theories as to why this guy hit some five cars on two separate blocks here off of Tabor Avenue in the Northeast. One is he was under the influence of something. But you might also remember, Saturday night into Sunday morning, we had that ice event, and these roads, we’re told, were as slick as ice rinks.

“Came outside and looked and my car was damaged too,” Quamar Barkat said.

Barkat lives next door to Franchitti. His black SUV was sideswiped. Like Franchitti, he’s out his insurance deducible to have his car repaired.

“We’re going through so many issues with the pandemic and then you have to pay these expenses,” he said.

Like Franchitti, he’s also glad no one was hurt.

“That’s really what matters at the end of the day. None of us were in our cars and no one was walking and got hit in the middle of this,” Franchitti said.

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“This is materialistic. We can get that anytime, but family is one of the things if you lose them, then it’s so hard to replace them,” Barkat said.