By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Animal advocate Carol Erickson joined Eyewitness News with steps on how to quiet your dog down when the doorbell rings or somebody knocks at the door. Erickson suggests when you practice this, what you’ll do is have someone you know at an open door ringing the bell and your dog is on a leash.

Once the person rings the bell or knock, wait for when the dog calms down to give that treat and begin to gradually close the door.

Once the dog calms down when doing that kind of scenario, you use a word, put the dog on a leash with treats and say “hush” when the doorbell rings or “shush” or “thank you” in a calm way and you say it one time otherwise, it’s meaningless.

Sometimes it helps to just say “shush” one time and give them a treat when they’re finally calm and then give them a lot of praise for that.

You’re going to have to do that quite a bit.

Also remember, that it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a dog that is barking behind a door, because that’s a pretty good deterrent as well.

Erickson also says staying calm will show the dog that you have the situation handled and they don’t have to go crazy.

Watch the video to see this week’s full segment.


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