By Dan Koob

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Eagles will have to shake off another loss — and do it quickly. They have a short turnaround this week as they face the New York Giants on Thursday night.

Eagles fans were back at Lincoln Financial Field for the first time on Sunday. And they didn’t have anything to cheer about early on in Sunday’s 30-28 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Birds were down 17-0 at halftime — but late in the fourth quarter, the Eagles were mounting a comeback. Carson Wentz snuck it into the endzone to put the Birds within two points, but couldn’t complete the two-point conversion.

“We’re trying to be loud for them but there’s no way to be loud for them,” one Eagles fan said.

Put 5,000 people into a 70,000 seat stadium and it sounds pretty cavernous.

“It was actually pretty eerie being in there with not a full stadium and the energy is different,” Danielle Brennan, of Media, said. “It’s definitely not the same.”

Sunday’s loss to Baltimore puncturing more holes in the Eagles 2020 balloon.

“It’s not a good team right now,” Jason Brennan, of Media, said. “Offense of line is terrible and Carson Wentz I mean, I love Carson Wentz so I can’t talk bad about him.”

Enthusiasm has not waned thanks to Wentz.

Eagle fans had to wear masks Sunday at all times.

Six person pods were the maximum allowed with a minimum of six-feet distance spread out across each section.

“Even though we’re spread apart you’re air high fiving and getting excited,” Rachel Hines said.

The battered Birds are now 1-4-1 and hope to hang on in a bad NFC East division.

“It’s always been our tradition to be here and we feel like now more than ever they need support,” Hines said.

CBS3’s Dan Koob says when he was about to go on air with the postgame show on Sunday you could really see how few fans attended the game.

“It felt like a small gathering so not surprising that no real home field advantage existed,” Koob said.

The Eagles may be even more short-handed this week.

Tight end Zach Ertz and running back Miles Sanders left the game with injuries. Both are reportedly set to get MRIs Monday.