By Natasha Brown

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The superintendent of the Philadelphia School District says more details will be released next week about the return of students to physical classrooms. Dr. William Hite did say Thursday, however, it won’t happen for all students, at the same time.

The Philadelphia School District is moving forward with plans to bring students back into schools for in-person learning, but it will not happen all at once, and it will likely not be as early as the initial Nov. 17 date that has been previously discussed.

“We’re using family, student and teacher survey data to help formulate the development of options and assumptions in decision making. We will phase in students slowly and responsibly, starting with student groups who will benefit most from in-person learning,” Philadelphia School District Superintendent Dr. William Hite said Thursday.

Hite plans to divulge details about the phased-in reopening plan next week, including dates for when students can expect to be back inside the classroom.

Parents will be given a timeframe to decide on a hybrid plan or the option of staying all virtual, and teachers will remain with the same students to continue a smooth transition.

“How they make the choices, we haven’t determined yet,” Hite said. “So don’t know yet if that’s going to be at school or at the district but because they’re going to be remaining with the child’s teacher, it’s likely it’s going to be with the child’s school.”

School buildings are being prepared with the addition of pandemic safety protocols meant to keep students and staff safe.

“Pleased with the pace of the things that are happening, with the air balance, things with the ventilation, with the Plexiglass that’s now being installed in offices and other spaces where the public will be greeted, and with the signage that’s happening in schools as well,” Hite said.

District officials continue to monitor school districts around the tri-state area and around the country as many make a return to in-person learning.