By Kimberly Davis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — President Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday calling his COVID-19 diagnosis “a blessing from God.” Trump spoke about an experimental drug, calling it a possible “cure” to the virus.

The president has received other medications including Remdesivir, which he was on for five days, and also a steroid. Only 275 people received the cocktail Trump did.

“They gave me Regeneron, and it was like unbelievable,” Trump said. “I felt good immediately. I felt as good three days ago as I do now.”

Early Wednesday evening, Trump released a video on Twitter in which he says he believes he may have been cured of the coronavirus by using a cocktail medication produced by Regeneron. But the president did mention he’s taking more than just the Regeneron cocktail as part of his COVID-19 treatment.

“They’ve been able to put together antibodies, and they put it together from people who have recovered from this,” Jefferson Health Family Physician Dr. Rob Danoff said. “And then, they use different techniques to make these antibodies that help a person attack this virus.”

Danoff says the medication decreases the ability of the coronavirus to attack cells. The cocktail works to boost antibodies to fight the coronavirus and decreases the amount of virus in the body, which is what allows the patient to feel better and have fewer symptoms for a shorter amount of time.

“President Trump was one of perhaps 10 people in the country who received it in what’s called compassionate use, to see if it would help,” Danoff said. “So we just need more data, but it’s very encouraging what we have seen.”

The president says he’s working to make the medication available to Americans on an emergency basis. But how quickly could this medication be available to regular Americans?

“Is it realistic to expect that this is going to be out in the next few weeks or month or two?” Danoff said. “I’m not sure it is because they still have more data to get.”

Though medical professionals are optimistic about a possible cure, they say only time will tell, and until then, continue to mask up.

“Hopefully this medication by Regeneron, and maybe some others will come along in the not too distant future, but we have to do what we know works now,” Danoff said.

We’re told the cocktail does not stop the infection, but it can decrease the symptoms of the virus.

The study was based on 275 results of the 2,000 people already enrolled. The results are based on 275 people of the 2,000 people who have received the medication. It’s still very early, and more results are needed before a determination can be made that it is safe and effective.

Kimberly Davis