PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police participated in a national goodnight wish for all children who are hospitalized. The special gesture is meant to light up the spirits of the young patients who get to feel its warmth.

Rarely would dozens of police cruisers rushing Broad Street, closing off a portion of the roadway as a tactical unit soared above, indicate something beautiful was taking place.

But this scene was rare indeed.

“We consider them our heroes,” Philadelphia Police Sgt. Michael Cerruti said.

For the third year, a flashing display of support rose from the street and into the rooms of young patients inside Shriners Hospital for Children.

“It’s an opportunity for members of the Philadelphia Police Department, the FOP, Michael the Archangel Ministry to come out here for just a few moments to brighten up the lives of these children,” said Chaplain Father Steve Wetzel.

They call it Good Night Lights, and they were turned on by land and sky at exactly 8 p.m.

In fact, it happened across the nation, a collective effort to illuminate the lives of children who are currently hospitalized.

And don’t think they didn’t have a part to play. From inside, kids used special flashlights that were provided to them to signal back to the officers below.

The whole thing lasted just six minutes, but the adults here hope these children received a lasting message.

“You’re not forgotten, there’s people here, we are thinking about you, we are praying for you and we hope some spirits can come through to kind of continue on this journey that they’re going on,” Michael the Archangel board member Dan Solecki said.

Alexandria Hoff