PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We’re one month away from election day and with more people voting by mail this year, it’s important for voters to understand how to complete and return their mail-in ballots correctly. Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley joined Eyewitness News Tuesday morning to talk about what people need to know.

Pennsylvania residents who request a mail-in ballot will find two envelopes when they open it up. There will be a voter’s declaration envelope, the ballot and the secrecy envelope.
“Once you’ve completed your mail-in ballot and you selected your candidate, you need to put this ballot into this white envelope that says official election ballot,” Deeley said. “The ballot must go into this envelope. Then this envelope, with the ballot inside of it, goes into this declaration envelope.”
Deeley says voters using the mail-in ballot should carefully read the directions, following step-by-step to ensure their vote is counted.
Once you put the white envelope in the declaration envelope, you sign and date it. Then, place it in the mailbox or you can bring it to a satellite office.
There are several satellite offices including Washington High School, Roxborough High School, Liacouras Center, and Overbrook Elementary.
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