ABINGTON, Pa. (CBS) — With a passion for dance and the arts, Abington High School student Tommi Crump has taken her talents to new heights. The ninth-grader started a YouTube channel during the coronavirus pandemic, reading to kindergarten children.

“To see them have a smile on their face when they hear me breathe and things and to like see them learning something new,” Tommi said.

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Her catalog of books has been recycled from her mother’s days as a teacher. Now, Tommi has her own set of students.

The inspiration emerged at the onset of the pandemic. The 14-year-old realized the impact of reading stories on her little cousin. She’s now spreading the love, saying “every little person deserves a great bedtime story.”

“She loved it so much and I started doing it for more people,” Tommi said, “and I guess everyone just loved it so much.”

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Tommi’s Tales hasn’t gone unnoticed. The teen was identified as one of eight finalists in the worldwide fifth annual World of Money Online Youth Business competition.

“I felt very accomplished at that point,” Tommi said. “And although I didn’t win first, second or third place, I still felt very accomplished that I even became a finalist.”

She’s taking the reward money to further her effort.

“During Christmastime, I’m planning to give each of my subscribers a personalized Tommi’s Tales T-shirt,” she said, “some of the award-winning books I read and also decorative bookmarks.”

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The honor student is also planning live sessions so she can interact in real-time, and she takes requests for stories. She also welcomes book donations.