By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s two weeks into the NFL season and things are not looking good for the Eagles. The Birds are now 0-2 on the season after an ugly 37-19 loss to the Los Angeles Rams Sunday.

Quarterback Carson Wentz experienced his first “boos” in an empty stadium. He was booed by digital fans at Lincoln Financial Field on more than one occasion for his ugly performance yesterday.

Wentz has thrown four interceptions over the last two weeks and is now tied for the most picks in the NFL.

He went 26 for 43, threw for 242 yards and two interceptions with no touchdowns against the Rams.

One of those interceptions came as the Eagles were marching down the field in the third quarter.

The Eagles were down 21-16 when Wentz tried to put the ball in the end zone, a pass that was intended for J.J. Arcega-Whiteside but instead was picked off by Rams cornerback Darious Williams.

When asked about the interception on Monday morning, head coach Doug Pederson said it was a play “we would all like to have back.”

“I’ll just say that that’s a play that I think Carson would like to have back, we would all like to have back,” Pederson said on 94 WIP Monday morning. “The execution of the play would be a little different. Those are one of those things we can’t do. We flat out can’t do.”

Pederson says that having only two and a half weeks to prepare for the first game of the season is not enough time, especially when you are adding new players to the roster.

“I don’t care who you are throwing,” Pederson said. “I don’t care who the receivers are. Two and a half weeks to prepare for your first real game; it’s not enough time. It’s not enough time, and it’s a constant work-in-progress and we continue to work, and I continue to — I know you guys don’t see it because you’re not at practice much, but I continue to kind of restructure practice a little bit so we can spend more time during practice getting these throws and getting — detailing the fundamentals of the route and the details of the route.”

He also says that it’s important for him, Wentz and the rest of the players to have an open and constructive relationship so they can iron out the mistakes that are being made.

“My whole philosophy, too, is I don’t always want to come across as an attack-style with players,” Pederson said .”I want to have open, constructive dialogue and yet still be critical, right, and holding the player accountable, right, whether it’s Carson or somebody on defense or whoever it might be.”

Wentz’s subpar performances over the last two weeks landed himself in the hot seat with Eagles fans.

“I don’t think Wentz will ever succeed in Philly,” @ChristianHomay tweeted. “The Nick Foles ghost is real and he can’t shake it. He’s been playing hero ball post SB season and he needs a change of scenery. Pressure is bursting his game.”

Another fan on the same Twitter thread wrote: “It’s not even bad, it’s laughably bad and he should be embarrassed as a QB who so many have defended, even in the media. Like what can they even say not to defend him?”

“The Curious Case of Carson Wentz is fascinating,” @BrandonMillerPO tweeted. “I’m really not sure what’s causing it but there seems to be a regression. And yes, he lost a lot of his offensive line. His average time to throw is not even bottom 10 in the league. Dead on tied with Gardner Minshew.”

The horrific start to the Eagles season is also bringing one fan back to sleepless nights.

“Haven’t had one of those sleepless after an Eagles loss in a long time,” @wynderl tweeted. “Probably because in recent years I felt the Eagles were a good team and will bounce back. Not this year. The realization has kicked in. Defense lacks talent and we may not have our franchise QB after all.”

But, one fan defending Wentz claims the offense’s issues go further than the quarterback.

“I honestly want Doug to bench Wentz for a week, start Hurts and watch the offense struggle JUST so these weak [expletive] Folesian fans quiet down,” @PhillySpartan tweeted. “It would be a sad day in Philadelphia if Carson Wentz puts on another jersey color while in his prime years. Be careful what you wish for.”

The Eagles look to turn the ship around on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals.