By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Black Philadelphia pastor who confronted President Donald Trump over his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again,” says he’s not satisfied with the answer. Pastor Carl Day asked the question during a town hall meeting that aired yesterday.

“You’ve coined the phrase ‘Make America Great Again,’ when has America been great for African-Americans in the ghetto of America? Are you aware how tone-deaf that comes off to the African-American community?” Day asked Trump.

When pressed, the president said he has great respect for all races and said he hopes there is not a race problem in America.

Today, the pastor told Eyewitness News he didn’t feel that was an answer.

“He struggled with it, I feel like he danced around the issue. He struggled to present an answer to me, which I figured he would rather than just acknowledge the fact that there hasn’t been a great era, there hasn’t been a great point of time here in America for disadvantaged African-Americans in this country,” Day said.

The pastor said he will not be voting for Trump although he has not decided whether to vote for Joe Biden or a third-party candidate.